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Public hospital
155 Guthridge Parade , SALE, VIC 3850
Contact: (03) 5143 8600

Central Gippsland Health Service is the major provider of health services in the Wellington Shire. The service provides an emergency department, acute care, surgery, residential aged care, and a range of community and allied health services.  General and emergency dental services are provided for eligible clients at community dental clinics.

The Sale campus provides acute hospital, 24 hour emergency department and diagnostic services.

Public hospital
191-193 Bluff Road , SANDRINGHAM, VIC 3191
Contact: (03) 9076 1000

Sandringham Hospital is a community hospital and part of Alfred Health, with a strong focus on meeting the health care needs of its local community.

The Hospital plays an important part in the delivery of Women's & Children's Health for surrounding areas including a Maternity and birthing suite, a level 2 Special Care Nursery, Breastfeeding Support & Paediatrics.  Sandringham Hospital includes a 24 hour Emergency Department

Public hospital
33-43 McClelland Avenue , SEA LAKE, VIC 3533
Contact: (03) 5070 2155
Public hospital
1 Bretonneux Street , SEYMOUR, VIC 3660
Contact: (03) 5793 6100

Seymour Health provides a range of services including urgent care, inpatient medical and surgical care and residential aged care.  General and emergency dental services are provided for eligible clients at community dental clinics.

Health service

Seymour Health has a long established relationship with the railways and the Puckapunyal Army base and provides inpatient medical, surgical and emergency services for public and private patients and high level residential aged care.

Seymour Health hospitals

Public hospital
2 Graham Street , SHEPPARTON, VIC 3630
Contact: (03) 5832 2322

Goulburn Valley Health offers a comprehensive range of specialist care across key medical and healthcare disciplines, including acute and sub-acute care, residential aged care, community care, psychiatric services, dental services and rehabilitation services. It is also the principal referral hospital for the Hume region.  General and emergency dental services are provided for eligible clients at community dental clinics.

Private hospital
Contact: (03) 5832 1200
Private hospital
212-220 Clayton Road , CLAYTON, VIC 3168
Contact: (03) 9562 9400
Private hospital
19 Cleveland Road , ASHWOOD, VIC 3147
Contact: (03) 9888 3590
Public hospital
Blake Street , SKIPTON, VIC 3361
Contact: (03) 5340 1110

The Skipton Campus of Beaufort & Skipton Health Service offers an urgent care service, acute care, residential aged care, GP clinic and a full range of Allied Health services. The campus also offers a number of community based services for Skipton and surrounding area.

Private hospital
Cnr Princes Highway & Heatherton Road , NOBLE PARK, VIC 3174
Contact: (03) 9549 6555
Health service

South Gippsland Health is an integrated hospital and community health service providing a broad range of acute and primary care services.

South Gippsland Health hospitals

Public hospital
87-89 Station Road , FOSTER, VIC 3960
Contact: (03) 5683 9777

South Gippsland Hospital provides a range of services including urgent care, acute medical and surgical care, maternity, paediatric, and palliative care services. It also provides a range of home and community based services.

Health service

South West Healthcare provides a comprehensive range of health services from its two main hospitals in Warrnambool and Camperdown.

South West Healthcare hospitals

Private hospital
42-44 Cranbourne Road , FRANKSTON, VIC 3199
Contact: (03) 9783 5245