14 December 2022

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Being able to benchmark their own results against peers has been identified as the key priority for health service Boards in supporting their governance and oversight roles, following a recent survey of Board chairs across Victorian public health services.

The survey is part of a redesign of VAHI’s Board Safety and Quality report, and was completed by Board chairs at 56 per cent of Victorian health services, including 44 of 78 health services currently receiving the report.

The report includes safety and quality measures aligned to Safer Care Victoria’s clinical governance framework and is designed to inform and support continuous quality improvement. 

Survey results showed health service boards value and routinely access the board report, as well as other VAHI products including Monitor and the Program Report for Integrated Service Monitoring (PRISM). 

The survey was targeted to individual peer groups to enable VAHI to use the feedback to develop reports that meet different Board’s needs. Local and small rural health services most valued the ability to access reports individualised to their health service profile. Other health service peer groups rated the ability to view their health service results compared to peers and statewide results as the highest priority. 

Board members also identified improved accessibility and timeliness as key priorities.

VAHI is dedicated to delivering trusted information to inform better decisions that improve the health and wellbeing of Victorians. Our ongoing strategic focus is enhancing reports to provide users with greater value and more actionable insights.

The survey feedback has been presented to the Board Report Advisory Committee and we will work closely with this group to strengthen future reporting to Boards in 2023.

VAHI would like to thank Board chairs for taking the time to complete the survey and for their valuable insights. 

For more information about the Board Safety and Quality report please contact Alison Bidie, Manager of Clinical Reporting, via [email protected]