The Victorian Agency for Health Information was established as a specialist agency dedicated to serving both professional and community audiences – including the Victorian community, and those responsible for oversight, transparency, accountability and improvements in services dedicated to improving health and wellbeing. Our mission is to deliver trusted information to inform better decisions that improve the health and wellbeing of Victorians.

We ensure that data and information on the performance of Victoria's healthcare system are readily available to:

  • health service boards, chief executives and lead clinicians
  • the Department of Health (the Department)
  • Safer Care Victoria (SCV)
  • other government departments and agencies
  • researchers
  • the Victorian community

Working in the Department of Health

As a division of the Department of Health, VAHI informs and supports the work of the wider Department, health and ambulance services by monitoring and reporting on public and private services. Our work reflects the government’s vision for health information as set out in Better, safer care: delivering a world-leading healthcare system, and our corporate plan includes initiatives assigned to VAHI in the Department’s strategic plan.

Working with Safer Care Victoria

In order to achieve the strategic objectives and outcomes outlined in the Corporate plan, VAHI collaborates with and supports the work of SCV. SCV is an Administrative Office that was established as part of the recommendations contained in Targeting zero. VAHI and SCV work together to ensure that relevant and timely quality and safety information is captured and provided to health services, and that health services are equipped with knowledge of how to use this information to improve quality and safety at a local level.