VAHI produces a suite of reports for the department, Safer Care Victoria, health services, clinicians and the public. Each report is developed to meet the specific needs of the particular audience, with the objective of improving healthcare for all Victorians. 

Some key reports include: 

Monitor – reports on the performance of public health services against key indicators related to access, safety, quality, operational and financial performance. Each health service receives a tailored edition of the report, with their results shown against their targets. 

PRISM – the Program Report for Integrated Service Monitoring (PRISM) contains health services’ results across a wide range of access, safety, quality, operational and financial performance indicators not contained in Monitor, providing public health service executives and the department with a broader range of performance information. 

Board safety and quality – contains a selection of safety and quality measures which also appear in Monitor, targeted to public health service Boards to support oversight and governance. 

HACs – the Hospital Acquired Complications report (HACs) provides meaningful and actionable information to assist health services to identify and understand variation in the level of complications their patients experience, and to support the design of improvement activities. 

VHSP – the Victorian Health Services Performance report (VHSP) is a web- based update of key health performance results, such as elective surgery lists and emergency department waiting times. It is released to the public as well as to health services and government agencies.