The VHIMS Central Solution (CS) is an incident and feedback management system jointly built by the Victorian Agency for Health Information (VAHI) and the then Department of Health and Human Services (the Department).

VHIMS CS functions as an incident management system (IMS) for subscribed health services and transmits the Victorian Health incident Management System Minimum Data Set (VHIMS MDS) to the department.

VHIMS CS was designed for the 39 predominantly smaller Victorian public health and community services, replacing the previous VHIMS Central arrangements. The VHIMS CS has been operational in these Victorian public health services since 1 July 2019.

VHIMS CS is a web-based application, the key features of VHIMS CS are:

  • An incident module: to report and manage clinical and OHS incidents and hazards.
  • A feedback module: to report and manage complaints, compliments and suggestions.
  • An action component: comprising a ‘to-do’ list that can be monitored for task completion, allowing for action management and notification.
  • An administration component: allowing for the management of settings throughout the web application.
  • Reporting: including access to organisational data reports via Power BI, and full VHIMS data extracts for users with relevant permissions.

It is not possible for health services using VHIMS CS to configure the system to their local requirements. All changes must be agreed and implemented centrally.    

Changes to VHIMS CS

All enhancements to VHIMS CS will be part of annual changes to the VHIMS MDS and will be automatically rolled out to all Victorian public health services that use the VHIMS CS.

For more information on VHIMS CS including suggestions for enhancements, please email [email protected]