Victorian Population Health Survey
24 July 2024
Victorian Population Health Survey

About the report 

The Victorian Population Health Survey (VPHS) is currently the only source of population health surveillance data that is obtained first-hand from the Victorian population, 18 years of age or older. It represents not only the voice and lived experience of adults who live in Victoria, but also provides information on all adults, not just those who are unwell and access healthcare services. This is important because prevention is better than cure, and by learning what contributes to poor health and wellbeing we can develop better programs and inform policy making and planning to keep people healthy. 

The VPHS 2022 was conducted at the state and regional level with a sample size of approximately 7,500 survey respondents. The types of data collected by the VPHS includes:  

  • Data on the social determinants of health (e.g., socioeconomic status, stress, social exclusion etc.) 
  • Health risk factors (e.g., smoking, food insecurity, psychological distress etc.) 
  • Protective factors (e.g., social and emotional support etc.) 
  • Health literacy, beliefs, and attitudes 
  • Healthcare service use 
  • Physical and mental health status. 

The VPHS program operates on a three-year cycle since 2008. Two out of every three years, the survey is conducted at the state level with a sample of 7,500, and once every three years the survey is conducted at the Local Government Area (LGA), with a larger sample size of 34,000. 

How information is collected 

Information is collected via computer-assisted telephone interview (CATI). Adults across Victoria are randomly selected and invited to participate. 

Interviews are also offered in Arabic, Cantonese, Greek, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Hindi, Italian, and Thai to ensure people of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds are included. 

How the data are presented 

Estimates are provided by demography, geography, health risk factors, and the social determinants of health. 


The following documents can aid you in understanding the report.

If you need further support in understanding this report, please contact us at [email protected]. 

Privacy and confidentiality 

The VPHS is compliant with relevant Victorian privacy legislation, as well as reviewed and approved by the Department of Health’s Human Research Ethics Committee. 

Survey participation is entirely voluntary, and all information is treated in strict confidence. 

More information

The VPHS 2024 statewide survey is currently underway with 7,500 participants to be interviewed over the coming months. The survey will close on 1 November 2024. Data from the 34,000 participants who undertook the VPHS 2023 survey is currently being analysed with the dashboard to be published in early 2025.

If you would like more information on the survey, you can call the Department's hotline number on 1800 658 830.

Previous publications are available here. Survey data and reports ( 

Getting in touch

We actively encourage your feedback on the VPHS dashboard. Your input will help us to continue to improve the report, to ensure that it meets your expectations and need for accurate and easy-to-digest information.

Please provide general feedback about the report to:

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