VAHI is responsible for ensuring the integrity of performance and activity data in key public health service datasets:

VAHI needs to ensure that health datasets accurately reflect the care that was provided to patients. We monitor and support improvement in health data integrity for the benefit of health services and those responsible for:

  • oversight of health services – the Minister, the Department, Safer Care Victoria, health service boards and chief executives, and regulatory bodies
  • transparency and accountability of health services – the Minister, the Department, Department of Treasury and Finance, the Commonwealth Government and its agencies
  • stimulating improvements in patient safety, quality and outcomes – Safer Care Victoria and its clinical networks, the Victorian Clinical Council, clinical leaders and researchers, in particular.

Across the healthcare system, we want to ensure that everyone has an accurate picture of where the concerns are and where we’re getting it right. We want our stakeholders to be able to trust performance information derived from health data.

The strategic objectives of the Health Data Integrity Program will contribute to health data integrity in Victoria’s core health data collections by:

  • monitoring, reporting on and strengthening internal controls used in health services
  • monitoring, detecting, reporting on and mitigating the risks and consequences of inaccurate health data 
  • providing stakeholders with an accurate picture of the strengths, weaknesses and threats related to health data integrity and recommend opportunities to improve it.


Health Data Integrity Program plan

Health Data Integrity Guidelines for Health Services