VAHI’s strategic plan sets out our roadmap for the three years 2019–22. It contains our revised mission: Delivering trusted information to inform better decisions that improve health and wellbeing of Victorians.

VAHI’s strategy considers three themes that reflect the context we operate in:

  • Responding to partners’ and stakeholders’ needs
  • Focusing on value and outcomes
  • Understanding the patient journey.

Our work will be organised across four workstreams in order to deliver our strategy:

  • Delivering the foundations: Strengthening and enhancing strong foundational systems processes and capabilities.
  • Enriching our products and services: Ensuring that VAHI delivers on its current reporting scope and Targeting zero expectations, while improving on current service delivery targets.
  • Enhancing impact: Focusing on new information products and analyses that lead to change in clinical practice and ultimately health outcomes.
  • Broadening scope: Identifying new themes and data areas that allow VAHI to have impact beyond health and into human services.

While we will be working on all four workstreams simultaneously, the main areas of focus will shift from year to year. As detailed in the plan, our immediate focus will be on delivering the foundations and enriching our products and services. Our second and third years will then look to enhance our impact and broaden our scope.

VAHI’s strategic plan for 2019–22 has been approved by the Minister for Health.

Read our Strategic plan 2019–22.

Corporate plan

VAHI prepares an annual corporate plan outlining the initiatives that VAHI will undertake each year to ensure the successful delivery of our strategy. It is approved by the Minister for Health and maintained as an internal plan to guide VAHI’s work.

VAHI's Corporate plan 2020-21, includes 22 initiatives critical to quality, safety and performance improvement within Victoria's health sector, all aligned to our strategic workstreams.

Workstream Initiatives
Delivering the foundations
  • Progress development and evolution of the VAHI Portal
  • Establish, evaluate and enhance a core set of quality and safety measures to inform better decisions to improve health and wellbeing
  • Drive best practice in information management
  • Enhance organisational effectiveness through investing in our people
  • Continue to engage with our stakeholders
  • Define and deliver an enterprise wide approach to manage reporting requests
Enriching our products and services
  • Lead a coordinated approach to patient-reported outcomes (PROs) within Victoria
  • Oversee the development and implementation of a population health surveillance strategy for Victoria
  • Support and enhance statewide capability in coding and classification
  • Drive health data integrity improvements within Victoria
  • Enhance VAHI’s data request and analytics hub
  • Continue to harness the expertise from VAHI advisory committees 
Enhancing impact
  • Support reporting and monitoring of COVID-19 data and information
  • Improve the actionability and timeliness of Victorian Health Incident Management System (VHIMS) data to drive safety and quality improvements
  • Improve the actionability and timeliness of the Victorian Healthcare Experience Survey (VHES) program
  • Increase access and use of clinical quality registry (CQR) data in Victoria
  • Assess and enhance the VAHI reporting program for clinicians and health services
  • Lead the measurement and reporting of population health and its determinants
  • Implement VAHI’s analytics strategy
  • Define and drive best practice through collaboration with other organisations nationally and internationally
  • Support the Department and SCV’s strategic priorities and strengthen relationships
Broadening scope
  • Shift quality and safety reporting beyond hospital walls to better inform improvement along the patient journey