Percentage of clients requiring emergency dental care treated within recommended time

Emergency public dental health care is provided through Dental Health Services Victoria (DHSV). It is available to all Victorians through The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne and to eligible Victorians at community dental clinics.

When a client requiring emergency dental care attends a public dental care service, they are prioritised for care depending on their condition.

The most urgent emergency cases (e.g. clients bleeding from the mouth after an accident) are recommended for assessment/treatment within 24 hours as Triage Category 1 clients. Data for triage categories below are from 1 (most urgent) to 3 (less urgent).

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About the data

The above measures look at the percentage of clients requiring emergency dental care seen within the recommended time for:

  • Triage category 1 (recommended 24 hours)
  • Triage category 2 (recommended 7 days)
  • Triage category 3 (recommended 14 days).

For Triage category 1, the recommended time is the proportion of clients who required treatment within 24 hours, and commenced their course of care within 24 hours.

The time to course of care commencement is calculated from triage date until course of care start date.

About triage category 1

Assigned to most urgent emergency patients (e.g. swelling in face, bleeding after tooth extraction, bleeding from mouth after accident). The statewide target is 85%.

About triage category 2

Less urgent care required. The statewide target is 80%.

About triage category 3

Less urgent care required. The statewide target is 75%.