Length of stay

Hospital emergency departments provide urgent care for seriously ill and injured Victorians. The length of stay is the period of time between when a patient arrives and departs from an emergency department.

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About the data

The above measures look at:

  • non-admitted patients staying 4 hours or less
  • percentage of patients staying 4 hours or less
  • patients staying longer than 24 hours.

About non-admitted patients staying 4 hours or less

The number and percentage of patients treated in an emergency department who were not transferred to a hospital inpatient bed and whose length of stay was equal to or less than 4 hours.

About percentage of patients staying 4 hours or less

The statewide target is for 81% of emergency department patients to leave an emergency department within four hours (the 'four hour rule'). This means they will be admitted to hospital, transferred to another hospital for treatment or discharged within four hours.

The target of patients staying 4 hours or less is similar to the National Emergency Access Target.

About patients staying longer than 24 hours

The number and percentage of patients who have stayed in an emergency department for more than 24 hours. The statewide target is 0.


  • Data source: Victorian Emergency Minimum Dataset (VEMD). Data extracted 16 April 2021
  • Statewide totals exclude Albury for all percentile and percentage measures
  • Results for the current financial year are preliminary and will be finalised in November. Results from the previous financial year have been finalised
  • * No results are available
  • Eastern Health data from mid-March 2021 may be incomplete due to a service interruption which may impact reported statewide, metropolitan and Eastern Health figures. As such, care needs to be taken when assessing results and comparing to prior periods.