Patients treated

Patients can be admitted to Victorian hospitals in planned and unplanned ways. This includes those who have been treated at an emergency department, and those with an appointment with a hospital specialist.

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About the data

The above measures look at:

  • patients discharged (all, same-day, emergency admissions)
  • hospital bed days
  • intensive care unit (ICU) hours of care
  • neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and special care nursery (SCN) admissions.

About hospital discharges

Patients can be admitted to hospital in planned ways (e.g. GP referral, including in an emergency) and unplanned ways (e.g. patient has attended an emergency department after suffering an injury and been admitted to hospital).

When a patient is admitted to hospital, that hospital provides them with care or treatment. When the care or treatment is finished, the patient is discharged. They can be admitted and discharged on the same day.

These discharge measures count separations. A separation is when an admitted patient’s episode of care (their total hospital stay from admission to discharge, transfer or death) ends. A separation is also counted when there is a change in the type of care a patient is receiving.

About hospital bed days

Hospital bed days are the number of days that a patient is admitted in hospital. As patients could be admitted and discharged on the same day, the total number of hours from patient admission to discharge is calculated and converted to days.

About ICUs and hours of care

An ICU provides critical care and life support for acutely ill and injured patients.

Average daily hours of care by ICUs is calculated as total hours all patients have spent in an ICU, divided by the number of days over the 3-month reporting period.

Data are also provided for babies who were admitted to a NICU or SCN.


  • Data source: Victorian Admitted Episodes Dataset (VAED). Data extracted on 20 April 2022 
  • Data is only provided for patients who were discharged during the 3-month reporting period (e.g. in reporting for a January-March quarter, only patients discharged during this particular period are counted, regardless of the timing of their admission to hospital)
  • A patient may have multiple admissions/discharges during the reporting period
  • Results for the current financial year are preliminary and will be finalised in November. Results from the previous financial year have been finalised
  • * No results are available.