The Population Health Research Network (PHRN) has developed an Online Application System (OAS) to improve increase the effectiveness of the application process for cross-jurisdictional and multi-jurisdictional research projects. The OAS allows researchers to submit one single form to obtain approval from various jurisdictions simultaneously and follow their applications online. 

The system will allow you to: 

  • manage your requests for quotes, expressions of interest and formal applications 

  • obtain approval from multiple jurisdictions 

  • submit your application to multiple jurisdictions simultaneously 

  • track the progress of your data application

  • view approvals as they come in from data custodians and data linkage units 

  • share the application with multiple researchers for viewing and comments

  • manage all relevant documents in a central point. 

The Online Application System is available at PHRN online application system

It is recommended that researchers: 

Read the PHRN application process (link to and tips for a successful application prior to starting their application. 

View the Let’s navigate data linkage video – aims to help you, the researcher with your journey in navigating access to our data linkage services and better understand the linkage processes. These tools will expand your understanding of the application, governance, ethics and linkage processes.