Victorian health services are dedicated to delivering safe, efficient and effective healthcare to the community. They are required to comply with accreditation standards to either maintain or improve quality of care.

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About the data

The above measures look at:

  • health service accreditation (including Dental Health Services Victoria)
  • residential aged care accreditation
  • surgical site infection surveillance status.

About health service accreditation

Heath services (including Dental Health Services Victoria) must be compliant with the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS Standards) to be accredited to provide patient care and services. Full compliance is listed as 'achieved'.

More information: NSQHS Standards

About compliance with Aged Care Standards 

In Victoria, a number of residential aged care services are provided by public health services and are subject to national Aged Care Quality Standards.  
It is a requirement that all residential aged care facilities are accredited and maintain full compliance with relevant standards. Full compliance is listed as 'achieved'. 

More information: Aged Care Accreditation Standards

About Surgical Site Infection Surveillance status

A hospital patient can develop a Surgical Site Infection (SSI) after surgery involving an incision or when they have/have had an intravenous line (IV) inserted.

SSIs are surgery complications that can have serious consequences and can result in a patient requiring further treatment.

Data is collected for SSIs that occur in Victorian public hospitals for the following procedures:

  • coronary artery bypass grafts
  • hip arthroplasty
  • knee arthroplasty
  • caesarean section (for The Royal Women’s Hospital and Mercy Health only)
  • ICU central line associated bacteraemia.

Where a health service is equal to or lower than the statewide rate of SSIs, it is listed as 'achieved'. Otherwise it is not achieved.

Data are only shown for hospitals that undertake orthopaedic joint replacements and/or coronary artery bypass surgery and/or have an ICU.

Results are lagged by one quarter.

Results are reported quarterly using 6 months' rolling data.


  • Data sources: Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency, Victorian Hospital Acquired Infection Surveillance System (VICNISS) and Dental Health Services Victoria. Data extracted on 20 April 2022
  • There are no statewide result for these measures
  • No data indicates no results are available
  • Results for the current financial year are preliminary and will be finalised in November. Results from the previous financial year have been finalised.
  • Western Health and Djerriwarrh Health Services voluntarily amalgamated on 1 July 2021. The former Djerriwarrh Health Services is presented as Western Health BM&M (where 'BM' denotes Bacchus Marsh and 'M' denotes Melton). Care needs to be taken when assessing results and comparing to prior periods
  • Ballarat Health Services, Edenhope and District Memorial Hospital, Stawell Regional Health, and Wimmera Health Care Group voluntarily amalgamated on 1 November 2021 into Grampians Health. These former entities are now presented as Grampians Health – Ballarat Health Services, Grampians Health – Edenhope and District Memorial Hospital, Grampians Health – Stawell Regional Health, and Grampians Health – Wimmera Health Care Group. Care needs to be taken when assessing results and comparing to prior periods
  • Castlemaine Health and Maldon Hospital voluntarily amalgamated on 1 March 2022 into Dhelkaya Health. Their former entities are now presented as Dhelkaya Health – Castlemaine and Dhelkaya Health – Maldon Care needs to be taken when assessing results and comparing to prior periods.
  • VICNISS data submission was made voluntary for the surveillance period 1 July 2021 to 31 December 2021. As such, data for Overall surgical site infection surveillance status is not published for the Jul-Sep 2021 or Oct-Dec 2021 periods.