08 November 2022

VAHI Monitor and PRISM reports

VAHI reports like Monitor and PRISM are a critical component of highlighting health care performance trends and issues, allowing health services to monitor their own performance and make improvements.

To help make our reporting products more useful and engaging, VAHI has recently reformed the way we communicate the publication of our regular Monitor and PRISM reports with our health services and departmental partners.

The new email format includes a summary of key insights and updates in the report, as well as a look forward to upcoming report releases.

The recent release of the annual 2021-22 Monitor report covered statewide insights around performance against KPIs both broadly and for highlighted indicators, while also flagging the inclusion of measures that had not been reported in previous reports.

You can provide feedback on our reporting products and communications by emailing [email protected]. If you or one of your staff need to get access to specific reports via the VAHI portal, please contact [email protected]