The Victorian Health Incident Management System Minimum Dataset (VHIMS MDS) is a standardised dataset designed to collect clinical and occupational health and safety (OH&S) incidents, near misses and hazards. These data must be collected in all Victorian public health services and all services under their governance structure including community health and bush nursing centres.

The purpose of the VHIMS MDS is to improve quality, safety, and patient experience in Victorian public health services through access to standardised state-wide reporting, supporting the roles of VAHI, the Department of Health (DH) and Safer Care Victoria (SCV).

VHIMS MDS Review 2023

In 2018-19, VAHI developed a new VHIMS Minimum Dataset (VHIMS MDS) with a streamlined event type taxonomy that aimed to improve the useability of reported data. All health services were required to commence reporting the MDS by 30 June 2022. 

Feedback from health services over the last 12-18 months of data collection has highlighted several opportunities to refine the dataset and the improve the clarity of VHIMS MDS manual.

The objectives of the MDS review are:

  • Refine the number of data elements to reduce the reporting burden on health services and ensure the department only collects data required to support oversight and monitoring
  • Ensure data definitions and business rules support consistent and timely reporting from across the sector
  • Review the current incident severity rating (ISR) algorithm
  • Improve the utility and efficiency of reporting for specific areas of the health sector including Community health and Aged Care
  • Consider requirements for Statutory Duty of Candour reporting

There is also a need to consider the limitations of the current MDS for parts of the health service sector, including Community Health and Aged Care services.

A review of the VHIMS MDS is underway and will include sector consultation and input from Safer Care Victoria. The revised VHIMS MDS will be finalised in December 2023 for implementation from 1 July 2024.

Annual Change Process

From 2023 the VHIMS MDS will commence a process of annual reviews bringing this data collection in line with other departmental data collections. This process allows data providers and policy areas of the Department, along with SCV to have input into the ongoing development and use of the VHIMS MDS.  Further information on annual changes will be provided soon.

VHIMS Data Manual

The VHIMS MDS data manual provides a complete data set resource for incident reporters and data users, including

  • definitions of data items.
  • information and business rules regarding data recording and transmission.
  • contact details for support related to the VHIMS MDS

The first VHIMS MDS manual was published in March 2022. From 1 July 2023 the manual will be updated annually. The current manual VHIMS Health Incident Management System (VHIMS) Minimum Dataset Manual 2023-24 incorporates changes to the MDS effective from 1 July 2023.



VHIMS IMS API Specifications