The VHES program currently comprises 19 surveys targeted at different patient populations and care settings. The surveys were designed in consultation with health services and consumers to be shorter, provide more actionable insights and focus on the aspects of care most important to patients.

As part of the VHES program, a representative sample of patients are invited by email or SMS to complete the survey online following an episode of care in a Victorian public health service. Some mental health and palliative patient and care surveys are still provided in paper format.

Inpatient, emergency, and maternity patient surveys run continuously through the year, while data for outpatient, community health, mental health, ambulance and palliative care patients is captured over a two-to-three-month period annually.

Data collected by the VHES program provides consistent, benchmarked measures of patients’ experiences of care, which are reflected in accountability agreements between Victorian public health services and the Minister for Health known as Statements of Priorities. Results are also shared directly with health services each quarter through VAHI routine reports and the VHES Reporting Portal to support local quality improvement activities.