Patients treated by surgical specialty

Most planned surgeries in Victoria are categorised into one of 10 specialties. The data in this section covers these specialties with 15 of the most commonly performed procedures.

Tap the buttons below for specific patient data about planned surgery across Victoria. You can filter by hospital and surgical specialty area (e.g. general surgery, vascular surgery or neurosurgery).

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About the data:

The above measures look at:

  • specialty area patients treated
  • specialty area planned surgery wait times.

About patients treated

The number of patients admitted for planned surgery at major metropolitan, larger regional and rural hospitals across Victoria.

About wait time

Waiting time is the period between the date the patient was listed for the planned surgery procedure and the date they were admitted to hospital for surgery (excluding not-ready-for-surgery days).

The median waiting time is the time within which half of all planned surgery patients are admitted for surgery.

Data is also included for the proportion of patients who have been waiting for a planned surgery procedure for longer than the recommended time (365 days).


  • Data source: Elective Surgery Information System (ESIS). Data extracted on 16 April 2024
  • Results for the current financial year are preliminary and may change from quarter to quarter, final results will be available in November. Results from the previous financial year have been finalised
  • From 6 February 2023, Monash Health commenced providing maternity services at Sandringham Hospital, replacing The Women's. The data displayed for Women's Sandringham from January to March 2023 represents the period from 1 January to 5 February. The data displayed for Monash at Sandringham from January to March 2023 represents the period from 6 February to 31 March.
  • On 23 February 2023, Monash Health opened the Victorian Heart Hospital. The data displayed for the Victorian Heart Hospital from January to March 2023 represents the period from 23 February to 31 March.
  • Incomplete data submitted for the Mercy Hospital for Women for the Jan-Mar 2024 period
  • Care needs to be taken when assessing results and comparing them to prior periods
  • * No results are available.