The VAHI Year in review 2020-21 details how the Victorian Agency for Health Information (VAHI) delivered core activities and priority projects that contribute to quality and safety improvement initiatives and COVID-19 information needs of government, the Department of Health (the Department), Safer Care Victoria and Victoria’s health services.

On 1 February 2021, VAHI was transitioned from an administrative office to a division of the Department. Accordingly, the Year in review 2020-21 reports on VAHI’s achievements between 1 July 2020 –31 January 2021. Information on VAHI’ activities and achievements between 1 February – 30 July 2021 will be included in the Department’s Annual Report 2020-21.


Year in review
2020-21 (PDF, 3,335.54KB) Last update: 13 January 2022
2019–20 (PDF, 5,732.83KB) Last update: 13 January 2022
2018–19 (PDF, 4,459.23KB) Last update: 13 January 2022
2017–18 (PDF, 3,555.52KB) Last update: 13 January 2022