Lights and sirens (Dispatch code 1)

When a Triple Zero (000) operator receives a call for an ambulance, they immediately prioritise the call on a scale from 0 (most urgent/highest priority) to 9 (less urgent/lower priority).

The priority assigned to a Triple Zero (000) call for an ambulance determines the dispatch code for the incident – from Dispatch code  1 (most urgent) to Dispatch code 3 (less urgent). Dispatch code 1 usually requires a 'lights and sirens' response. Priority code 0 and Priority code 1 incidents are usually assigned Dispatch code 1.

The statewide target is for Ambulance Victoria to respond to 85% of Dispatch code 1 incidents within 15 minutes from when the call to Triple Zero (000) is answered.

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About the data:

The above measures look at:

  • number of ambulance arrivals
  • median and 90th percentile response times (in minutes).

About ambulance arrivals

For this measure, the first ambulance to arrive at an incident is counted as an ambulance arrival. Where multiple ambulances arrive at a single incident, only the first is counted.

About response times

Response time is measured in minutes from the time a call to Triple Zero (000) is answered, until the time the first ambulance arrives at the incident.

All response times are sorted from shortest to longest, and the time that sits in the middle is the median response time (or 50th percentile response time). The 50th percentile response time is the time in which half of ambulance responses are completed.

The 90th percentile response time is the time within which 90% of ambulance responses are completed. 


  • Data source: Victorian Ambulance Data Set (VADS). Data extracted on 16 April 2024
  • Response times are not provided when the number of ambulance arrivals for that measure is less than 10
  • Air ambulance results are excluded from reporting
  • Results for the current financial year are preliminary and may change from quarter to quarter, final results will be available in November. Results from the previous financial year have been finalised
  • * No results are available
  • N.P. - Results not published.