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Health service

Peninsula Health is the major healthcare provider serving the metropolitan and rural areas on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula and provides a wide range of services from obstetrics to aged care, rehabilitation, emergency and intensive care, oncology, psychiatric services and Hospital in the Home (HITH). In addition to providing quality, accessible health care services, is a teaching hospital and has a history of contributing to medical research.

Private hospital
Contact: (03) 9788 3466
Public hospital
146 Cobb Street , PENSHURST, VIC 3289
Contact: (03) 5552 3000

The Penshurst & District Health Service campus of Western District Health Service provides acute care, residential aged care and a range of allied health, nursing and community services.

Public hospital
321 Burwood Highway , BURWOOD EAST, VIC 3151
Contact: (03) 9881 1888

The Peter James Centre in East Burwood provides rehabilitation and aged-care services to people following illness or surgery, or who have disabilities or chronic illness. It provides rehabilitation, acute inpatient aged psychiatry beds and a residential aged care facility (mental health). Services include rehabilitation, geriatric medicine, aged persons mental health services, aged care assessment service, aged psychiatry assessment team, haemodialysis, residential care and transition care.

Public hospital
305 Grattan St , PARKVILLE, VIC 3000
Contact: (03) 9656 1111

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre is Australia’s only public hospital solely dedicated to cancer treatment, research and education. The hospital treats treat more cancer patients each year than any other hospital and the highly skilled medical, nursing and allied health team is backed by the largest cancer research group in Australia. Peter Mac has five locations across the state and provides services to patients from across Victoria and Australia and overseas.

Health service

Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute is Australia’s only public hospital solely dedicated to cancer, with multi-disciplinary patient services providing specialist treatment and has a reputation as a world-class teaching centre and is responsible for the training and development of more than half of Victoria’s radiation therapy workforce.

Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute hospitals

Public hospital
30-36 Villiers Street , PORT FAIRY, VIC 3284
Contact: (03) 5568 0100

Moyne Health Services operates an acute hospital, urgent care services, residential aged care, and a range of primary, allied health and community care services.

Health service

Portland District Health provides health services to residents of the Glenelg Shire, such as acute and nursing home beds, a supported residential service and a specialist centre.

Portland District Health hospitals

Public hospital
Bentinck Street , PORTLAND, VIC 3305
Contact: (03) 5521 0333

Portland District Health provides services comprising acute medical and surgical, subacute, urgent care, primary, community health and residential aged care.  General and emergency dental services are provided for eligible clients at community dental clinics.