14 December 2022

Graphic representation of a hospital set among mountains

A new interactive report that enables health services to better monitor and track activity within their Emergency Department’s (EDs) has launched on the VAHI portal.

The Emergency department interactive report, released this week, provides authenticated users with the ability to identify trends in demand and performance as well as areas for service and quality improvement.

Safer Care Victoria said the report will provide continual updates on a series of priority measures for the emergency care system.

“These initial priority measures were chosen on the basis that they were already being collected but also that they provide a rapid system-wide snapshot and overview of access to care across Victoria's emergency care system,” an SCV spokesperson said.

“The intention is to use this dashboard to monitor and inform ongoing system-wide improvements to emergency care, and similarly, to review and update the emergency care dashboard to meet the needs of the system.”

VAHI CEO Dr Lance Emerson said the report will also help health services that run emergency departments compare their performance with other health services and the statewide average.

“The report will support coordination between services by highlighting state or region wide impacts on demand such as number of presentations or road ambulance arrivals,” Dr Emerson said.

The Victorian Department of Health will also have better insight into the trends seen across emergency departments over time, enabling them to better support health services to improve efficiency and provide patient centred care.

Key features of the new report include:

  • facilitating statewide, peer group, health service and campus level benchmarking
  • enabling users to navigate data which is based on consumers’ treatment journey through the emergency department (arrival, assessment, treatment, outcomes)
  • enabling interrogation of results to identify potential variation through use of filters and drill through,
  • enabling data extraction for internal presentation and validation.

Report data is drawn from the Victorian Emergency Department Minimum Dataset (VEMD) and is refreshed daily, with a seven-day lag for data verification and reporting.

VAHI is committed to ensuring the Emergency department interactive report delivers accurate and easy-to-digest information, guided by the feedback of users. 

Collaboration and insight from health services and other users have been critical to producing the first release of the report and will be even more important as the report evolves.

A second phase of consultation with departmental stakeholders will now begin to refine measures, visualisations, and user experience of the reporting product. Further engagement with health services around their experience with the product and reporting needs will also guide the next iteration.

The Emergency department interactive report is available for authenticated users through the VAHI portal. To apply for access to the portal, or if you have any issues with your login, please contact [email protected] and will be happy to assist.

Please support us by providing feedback on your experience of the report. If you have any feedback, or would just like to discuss the report, please email VAHI’s Relationship Manager, Chris Brown, at [email protected]