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Process where a patient is admitted to hospital.

Admitted patient

A patient is admitted when hospital staff decide that patient requires same day, overnight or multi-day care in hospital. An admitted patient may also be receiving hospital care elsewhere as part of a special program (e.g. Hospital in the Home program).

Aged Care Accreditation Standards

Administered by the Commonwealth and applies to all residential aged care providers and short-term restorative care provided in a residential setting.

Allied Health

Health services outside of medicine, dentistry and nursing. Practitioners have specialised expertise in preventing, diagnosing and treating a range of conditions and illnesses.

Ambulance services

Ambulances provide care and transport for patients requiring urgent and non-urgent medical assistance.

Area mental health service

Clinical mental health services are provided to Victorians with a serious mental illness or disorder. These services are called area mental health services (AMHS) and are managed by general health facilities, mostly hospitals.

Available beds

Hospital beds that are immediately available for use by a patient with appropriate staffing available.