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Varicose veins stripping and ligation

Sealing off and removal of varicose veins.

Vascular surgery

Surgical specialty focusing on blood vessels (veins and arteries), except for those in the heart (which are included in cardiothoracic surgery) and brain (which are included in neurosurgery).

Victorian Admitted Episode Dataset (VAED)

All Victorian public and private hospitals, including rehabilitation centres, extended care facilities and day procedure centres, report a minimum set of data for each admitted patient episode.

Victorian Emergency Minimum Dataset (VEMD)

Contains de-identified demographic, administrative and clinical data detailing presentations at Victorian public hospitals with 24-hour emergency departments.

Victorian Healthcare Experience Survey (VHES)

Asks patients about their experiences during their stay at a Victorian public health service.

Victorian Integrated Non-admitted Health (VINAH) dataset

Contains demographic, administrative and clinical data of non-admitted patients.